How To Lower Furnace Unit Repair Costs This Winter

Posted on: 19 December 2022

Heating bills take a large portion of many households' income. And when you add furnace unit repair costs to the equation, it can cause significant financial problems.

The repair costs depend on the exact issue that needs fixing. They also vary with the local labor costs and price of the damaged parts.

Either way, taking appropriate measures to reduce these expenses this winter is crucial. Here are four simple steps to get you started.

Cleaning or Replacing the Air Filters

The air filters in a furnace help trap and remove airborne pollutants passing through the unit. They come with a fiber media or fine mesh that needs regular cleaning and replacement.

It's imperative to keep the filter free of dirt or dust. If airborne pollutants clog the filter, consider having it cleaned or replaced.

Remember to have the right furnace filter installed for smooth and uninterrupted airflow. It also helps reduce the need for costly furnace unit repair and boosts furnace performance.

Adjust the Furnace to the Best Stable Temperature

Energy leaks in your home can significantly impact your overall utility bill. You should, therefore, keep the temperature in your furnace constant to prevent the leak. 

Heat loss will likely be rapid if there's a high-temperature difference between two points. In particular, your home may leak more heat if the temperature inside is higher than the outside.

Maintaining a stable furnace temperature ensures that the unit operates without failing. Learn more about the most suitable stable temperature from the manufacturer's manual. 

Ensure the Blower is Free of Airborne Pollutants

A blower helps blow hot air through the furnace ducts into your rooms. It is advisable to keep it clean to improve airflow in the HVAC unit. Cleaning also helps prevent freezing in the AC coils and overheating in the heat exchanger.

Airborne pollutants like dust and dirt can weaken the airflow through the blower. They can also result in high energy bills and the need for costly furnace unit repair work.

Schedule Routine Furnace Inspection

A routine furnace inspection service helps spot problems in the unit before they worsen. The technician can recommend further action on any parts that show signs of wearing out.

During the inspection, the technician will inspect the burner and clean it if needed. They will also check the ignition and safety controls and adjust them if necessary. Other inspection procedures involve checking the flue system for faulty connections and the heat elements for problems. For more information on furnace unit repair, contact a professional near you.


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