3 Furnace Noises A Heating Service Company Can Eliminate

Posted on: 19 July 2022

It's normal to hear some sounds from your household appliances when they're running. Your refrigerator may produce a buzzing sound, and your water heater may hiss. However, some noises could indicate that your gadgets have a problem and need immediate attention. Furnaces are notorious for producing obnoxious sounds that indicate something is wrong with them. You should contact a heating service professional if you hear any of these noises. Here are three sounds these technicians can eliminate.  

Whistling Sounds

Your furnace may produce a shrill whistling sound that may be subtle or loud, depending on its severity. This issue may occur if the air filters are clogged, thereby partially closing the vents. Your furnace's fan may also increase the volume of air it's blowing into the system, leading to the whistling. A technician can examine your furnace to find out the source of the whistling sound. If it's due to a blockage, they'll clear all debris and ensure all the vents are open to resolve the problem. If the issue persists, they may replace your filter's fans or blower to get rid of the noise. 

Banging Noises 

Although it may be normal for a furnace to have an occasional low banging noise, a loud boom could signify a severe issue. The noise could be coming from contracting and expanding air ducts, especially if the air pressure is high. Some bangs could also be emanating from clogged burners that delay ignition. These sounds can be annoying, and if your system isn't repaired on time, its health may be compromised. A technician can examine your furnace and fix the booming noises. They'll minimize the pressure, clean the ducts, and ensure they're rightly sized for your furnace. This will keep the heat exchanger from cracking and prolong the life of your appliance.

Rumbling Noises

It's normal to hear a slight roaring sound as your furnace circulates. However, if you hear a rattle or rumble, your system's burner could be having a problem. This issue may occur if the fuel in the combustion chamber continues to burn even when the burners are off. If it's not resolved, you could be poisoned by carbon monoxide gas. Loose parts may also cause rumbling sounds. A contractor has the necessary tools required to tighten all the components in your furnace to stop the rattling. They can also replace the burner to enable the cycle to continue without a hitch.

If your furnace starts generating strange noises, you should immediately contact a technician to examine and eliminate them before they damage your unit.

Contact a local heating service to learn more. 


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