Is It Time To Replace Your AC With A New Unit? 4 Things to Consider

Posted on: 1 June 2022

If your aging AC unit is prone to frequent breakdowns or has suddenly quit working, you might be thinking of replacing it to restore efficiency. However, whether you should repair your old AC or replace it is not always straightforward without proper knowledge of AC systems. You want to contact an AC expert when considering upgrading your unit for recommendations on one that suits your household needs, budget, and capabilities. Below are a few factors to consider before replacing your unit.

Age of your AC unit

A well-maintained AC will serve you for the system's projected lifespan, regardless of type or brand. However, if your AC reaches the peak of life, even regular tune-ups will not prevent constant breakdowns. This is because the components of your aging unit have been subjected to functional strain and will wear out faster, even with replacement parts. If your system has exceeded its expected lifespan, you should hire an AC professional to handle a new installation for the best outcomes.

Cost of AC Repairs

Before purchasing a new system, a contractor will evaluate your house to weigh the cost of repairs and unit replacement. They will assess whether the ducts need insulation, sealing, resizing, or a replacement. Suppose the contractor's assessment dictates that your system is irreparable or that the cost of repairs will be unmanageable in the long run. In that case, they will recommend a replacement because repairs will be futile long-term.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency ratio outlines how efficient your AC unit is. The higher the rating, the higher the efficiency. If your AC is outdated, it will have a low rating that is likely to be more cost-intensive. Since the energy efficiency ratio decreases with age and use, you should engage an AC specialist to guide you on units with a higher rating in order to benefit from efficient energy use.

Size of Your AC

If you previously owned an undersized AC unit, chances are it consumed a lot of energy in attempting to cool your entire home. Conversely, with a larger unit, it will constantly turn on and off due to short cycling. You should hire an AC expert to play out a load calculation of your home to decide on the right size of AC your need to avoid wasting energy.

Suppose you are considering replacing your current AC unit with a new one. In that case, it is imperative you consult an AC professional to guide you on whether your AC condition necessitates replacement for improved function. Contact local air conditioning installation services to learn more.


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