4 Services That A Plumbing Contractor Can Offer In A New Building Or Home

Posted on: 16 November 2021

A plumbing contractor is responsible for any plumbing work that occurs in a new home. The process of plumbing installation begins when the plumbing plans are submitted to the city or county. Once approved, then you can begin construction of your plumbing system. Typically, there are four things the plumbing contractor will handle during the plumbing installation of a new home. Find more information below.

1. Providing a Plumbing System Design

For a plumbing contractor, it is not just about installing plumbing fixtures and piping systems. It also involves installing plumbing lines for the whole house. They need to know where the water supply is coming from, what kind of plumbing fixtures will be used, how much damage they can cause, and more importantly, how they are going to provide protection against water damages caused by plumbing issues. A plumbing contractor may also provide information on which fixtures can go in which area of the building so as to avoid creating safety hazards for occupants.

2. Inspections During Construction Process

When constructing a new home or office building, or even an industrial complex with multiple plants and factories, inspections are being done before the final step. The plumbing contractor also follows the inspections to make sure that plumbing lines are properly installed. They check if plumbing fixtures are securely placed in their designated areas and ensure that there are no connections between water supply lines and different plumbing systems like drainage and bathing spaces.

3. Drainage Design System

Many people mistakenly believe that the plumbing contractor only installs plumbing fixtures like toilets, sinks, etc., but one of their jobs is also designing drainage for homes and office buildings. Where drains will be located, what kind of materials will be used for them (concrete or plastic), how big they need to be according to fixture type (sinks drain differently than bathtubs — all these factors go into creating an efficient plumbing drainage system.

4. Plumbing Installations

A plumbing contractor also provides plumbing services that include designing and installation of piping systems. These days, you can even get plumbing lines installed to heat up your pool water! So there's a lot that goes into the final plumbing design and installation than people think. 

These are some of the key services provided by plumbing contractors when you're constructing a new building or home. Hire experienced and well-equipped contractors today and enjoy the benefits of an efficient plumbing system.


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