Your AC Unit Wasn’t to Last Forever! 4 Clues You Need an Upgrade

Posted on: 22 September 2021

Summer is one of the challenging seasons to handle when you do not have an efficient AC unit. It can be infuriating to have one that blows hot air when the summer heat has risen over a hundred degrees Fahrenheit. You should keep track of signs of trouble instead of dealing with these issues when they have already become an emergency. Here are four clues that will alert you to upgrade your air conditioner unit. 

The System is Older than a Decade

The age of your air conditioner determines its efficiency to a great extent. As time passes, parts will experience the usual wear and tear and lose their efficiency. Ten-year-old systems will have a lower efficiency rating than newer ones. Therefore, you should have a technician assess your older system for efficiency. Replacing an old and inefficient unit with a new one is beneficial. You get a programmable thermostat to put you in better control of the temperatures in your home. 

The Conditioner Constantly Needs Repairs

The other indication that you might have to replace your system is when the repairs become excessive. It is time for a replacement if your system keeps breaking down every few months, and you end up paying thousands of dollars to AC technicians for repairs. Repairs might seem cheaper than buying a unit, but with time, the cost will pile up. In the meantime, you will keep experiencing excessive stuffiness and discomfort in your home. 

The Energy Bill Has Become Impossible to Handle

The other indicator that it is time to upgrade your system is when the heating bill keeps increasing. When your air conditioner malfunctions, it keeps running longer than it should compensate for the inefficiency. You need an energy-star-rated AC unit to keep your house cool while at the same time keeping your energy expenditure within reasonable limits. A new system installation will help you save a lot of money on heating bills. 

Some Rooms Never Cool Down

The other indicator that it is time to replace the system is when certain rooms rarely cool down. You can upgrade the old system with a new one and zone it. Zoning will help you manage different parts of the home separately. 

These are indicators of an AC system that needs replacing. Hire a competent AC installation contractor to assess your old system and determine whether it has run its course. A replacement will restore comfort in your home.

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