3 Air Conditioner Installation Tips For A New Custom Build

Posted on: 2 August 2021

One of the essential systems you need when constructing a new home is the air conditioning system. Planning for your AC installation will determine how comfortable your new home will be during the hot summer months. Therefore, keep these AC installation tips in mind when constructing your new home.

Choose Between Ducted and Ductless Systems

One important issue you need to address before completing your new build is whether you want a ductless or a ducted system. Ductless air conditioners can be installed in both new and old homes because they don't need ducts. However, if you want a ducted unit, you need to factor the ductwork into the home's design. For multi-story homes, installing ductwork on the first floor can be difficult once the house has been completed. You may spend a lot of money on retrofits to accommodate the ducts.

Before completing the build, inform your builder that you want to install a ducted central air system. This way, as the contractor designs the electrical and plumbing rough-ins, they can include the ductwork too. One advantage of installing ductwork is that you can use it for both heating and cooling. Merging your heating and cooling ductwork saves on space and lowers HVAC maintenance costs.

Wait for the End of the Construction

When constructing a new home, you may want to install all the key systems before the end of the construction. Some builders even offer to install your air conditioning unit during the finishing stage. However, this is not always a good idea due to the following issues:

  • You may not have time to choose your preferred AC brand and model.
  • You may not get a unit that is correctly sized based on your cooling needs. 
  • Your new AC filters and ductwork may collect dust and pollutants due to the ongoing construction work, forcing you to conduct maintenance at an extra cost.

Wait until the end of the construction work to install your air conditioner. As long as the house has been designed to accommodate the AC, you can install it after the completion of the project. This gives you enough time to assess your new cooling needs and find the best unit for your home.

Research AC Installers

Installing an air conditioner in a new building requires the expertise of an experienced contractor. The installation process will determine the efficiency and performance of your new unit. For example, the location of the system's outdoor and indoor components can determine airflow, efficiency, and unit durability. Therefore, take the time to find the best contractor, preferably one who has handled new builds before.

Consider the above tips when installing an air conditioner in your new custom home. Contact an AC contractor who offers home air conditioning installation services to learn more..


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