The Boiler Inspection And Repairs That Are Needed This Spring

Posted on: 19 May 2021

The winter months are over, but you are still going to need your boiler. Therefore, it is time to have it inspected and any repairs done before summer gets here. There may be issues with pumps, the ignition system, and the control panel requiring minor repairs. The following boiler inspection and repair information will help you prepare for summer:

Identify Radiator Problems

The boiler inspection needs to start with a quick check of all the radiators or other radiant heating. Since you will be turning these systems off—you want to check all the valves of the radiators. Make sure they are off and don't leak. If there are any bad valves, a boiler repair service can replace them while servicing your system. These pressure relief valves will need to be replaced if they are causing your boiler to shut off constantly.

Test Boiler Pumps

There are many boilers that use pumps to circulate water through the heating system. These pumps can be the source of a lot of problems with the boiler, radiators, and household plumbing. Thus, it is important that they are inspected and tested for problems. A boiler repair service can rebuild or replace any water pumps that are causing problems. If your household plumbing also uses a pump—it is especially important to have it repaired before turning the heating off.

Check Boiler Controls

The controls of your boiler are also going to need maintenance. There are different types of controls depending on the type of boiler you have installed. These panels control things like fuel delivery, temperature, and other settings of your boiler. Therefore, it is important that they are working correctly—even if your heating isn't on. A boiler repair service can check the control panel and replace it if it has failed or if it is outdated.

Test Pressure Relief Valves

The boiler also uses a pressure relief valve. This is a component that ensures the boiler is operating safely. If it fails, it can cause your boiler to shut off and not turn on when you need it. The problems with the pressure relief valve can also affect the flow of water from your boiler to radiators or hot water lines. If you notice a significant decrease in pressure when using hot water, the pressure valve is one of the problems you want to check.

The issues with the boiler can affect other areas of your home, such as plumbing. Contact a boiler repair service to have your system inspected and any problems repaired.


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