The Needs Your AC System May Have During Each Season

Posted on: 20 April 2021

Your air conditioning system can be critical for keeping the interior temperature of your home cool during the summer. However, keeping this system running at optimal capacity will lead to you needing to understand how the maintenance needs for these systems can change depending on the season.


During the fall months, it is likely that you will start winding down on your usage of the air conditioning system. During this time, it can be extremely prone to freezing over as a result of it being used when the temperature outside is fairly low. Regularly cleaning the system can help to prevent it from freezing over, and this can help to prepare the system for the dormant season, as it will eliminate much of the dirt and dust that could have become impacted in the system if it had been left all winter.


The fact that you are unlikely to use your air conditioning system during the winter months can lead to you giving this appliance little thought. Yet, it will still be vulnerable to suffering damage during this season. Large snow and ice accumulations on the air conditioning unit's exterior may be able to cause it to corrode or suffer other moisture-related damages. Be sure to remove any snow or ice accumulations from the exterior, so that you can minimize the amount of damage that this moisture can cause to the exterior and interior of your unit.


The spring months will bring warming temperatures that will result in you needing to use your air conditioning system with increasing frequency. As a result, this can be the time of the year that it makes the most sense to have the system undergo its yearly maintenance work by a professional technician. These services can get your system in optimal condition so that it will be ready for use when the temperature outside starts to get hot enough to justify heavy use of the AC system.


Summer will bring the most intense heat of the year, and this can lead to this being the time of the year when the air conditioning system will experience the most use. Throughout the summer months, your system will need to have its filters changed so that the air intake for the system is effectively filtered and in sufficient quantities for the unit to be able to work as it is designed. Additionally, any leaves, grass clipping, or other debris that gets on the exterior vents should be removed, as they can degrade the performance of this system by a significant amount by reducing air intake.

For more information about air conditioning maintenance, contact a local HVAC company, like Baton Rouge Air Conditioning & Heating.


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