When to Replace Water Heaters

Posted on: 6 January 2021

Your water heater will usually stay out of sight and heat the water in your home quietly. While this is a good thing, it also makes it easy for you to accidentally neglect the water heater, since it doesn't remind you of its presence other than by continuing to do its job well. However, if you don't stay on top of things like checking periodically for leaks or having the sediment drained as needed, then you can find yourself with some major problems. This article can help give you a better idea of times when you may find yourself facing the installation of a new water heater, as well as times when you might want to choose to have one put in. 

1. You've made repeated calls for repairs

If you have been needing to have your water heater repaired lately, then it's probably time to just go ahead and get a new one. For the most part, properly functioning water heaters that are still in good condition will need very few repairs and when they do start to need repairs, it is generally toward the end of their validity. 

2. You hear loud sounds

You can expect a water heater to make grumbling sounds when it has gone too long without having the sediment drained. However, you shouldn't find that your water heater seems to always be noisy. Once it does end up getting to this point then you should begin looking into getting a new water heater because it's likely that yours is going to start giving you issues soon or it is going to catch you by surprise and suddenly go out on you completely. 

3. You've used the water heater for more than a decade

If you have had your water heater longer than a decade, then it's a good time to have it replaced. Not only can you get a new water heater before your older one starts to give you a lot of problems when you replace it after this period of time, but you can also get a more efficient one. When you have a new one installed, you can take advantage of the newer energy-efficient features that can save you money. 

4. You find rust

If any part of your water heater has developed rust, then you want to have it replaced fast. Rust is a serious problem that will only get worse. If you don't replace the rusted water heater fast then you can end up without a water heater and possibly with a huge mess on your hands.

Contact local water heater installation companies if you've noticed any of these issues or signs. 


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