Furnace Problems And How To Get Them Repaired Before Winter

Posted on: 22 June 2020

Soon, summer will be over, and the weather will be getting colder. It is going to be time to turn the heating on, which can be a problem if there are problems with your furnace. Heating repairs will need to be done before winter.

Furnaces can have different problems with the burner, heating elements, and electrical components. These may be the problems that need to be repaired before the winter months. The following furnace problems and repairs need to be done now before the weather gets colder:

Problems with Heating Dampers—The dampers of your heating system are part of the ductwork. They need to be adjusted for heating during the winter months. You want to make these adjustments and make sure they are working before you turn your heating on this winter. If you have a zoned HVAC, the dampers may need maintenance and repairs to ensure the system is working correctly.

Heating Elements That Go Out—There are different types of heating elements for furnaces. With a gas furnace, the problems can be due to the pilot light and heating elements. If the furnace is electric, the heating element can go out and need to be replaced to solve the problem before the winter months. Sometimes, the furnace may need repairs to get the heating element working again before cold weather.

Electrical Problems Affecting Heating—There are also electrical problems that can affect your furnace. There are problems that can be due to electrical breakers and switches that have been turned off or failed. Other problems may be due to the electrical circuitry inside the furnace that needs to be repaired. If there is a problem with the electrical wiring or circuits, you will need to have these problems checked out by a heating repair service.

Problems with Blowers and Clogged Filters—The filter of your heating system could be the cause of your heating problems. If there is poor air circulation, change the furnace air filter. After changing the filter, there may still be problems if the blower is not working properly. A furnace repair service will first try to clean the blower. If cleaning the blower fan does not solve the problem, then the motor may need to be changed to solve the problem.

Make sure to repair these problems with your furnace before the winter weather gets here. You can contact a furnace repair service if you need help with some of these furnace repairs before the winter months.


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