Dealing With Strange Odors in Your AC Unit? Make These Changes Today

Posted on: 10 March 2020

Odd odors, bacteria, and other problems when you turn on the AC unit to cool your home can't be ignored. Not only does this mean the air could be contaminated but also the mechanical complications could be a risk to the property.

An AC repair service can asses the unit quickly to determine if there is an immediate danger. While they do the assessment, be sure to ask about these things.

Bacterial and Fungal Concerns

Humidity and condensation can cause bacterial and fungal problems on the internal components of the air conditioning unit. This can lead to the spread of health dangers throughout the house, and the HVAC repair professional will determine if the unit should be replaced or can be repaired.

These dangers could include respiratory infections, as simple as sinus or allergy complications, or illnesses that result in death from MRSA and legionella. If this is the cause of the odors, the unit needs to be cleaned and treated immediately to kill all the hazards.

Trapped, Dead, or Roaming Pests

Pests are often problems not just for the AC unit, but also for the ventilation system and ducts throughout the house. If there is a rodent that is dead or urinating and leaving feces in the vents, this could cause the odors.

If insects are infesting and nesting inside the air conditioning unit, their feces, saliva, and urine could result in odors. Inhaling waste from pests is also dangerous and can be life-threatening.

Burning and Damaged Components

A motor belt that is off-track can burn, and this smell will linger around the house, along with the smell of other hot components rubbing against one another. If you have a clogged filter filled with debris that is getting hot, you will be at the risk of the unit catching on fire. One of the first things the AC repair experts will look at is the filter and the internal mechanical components.

There are a lot of issues that can cause odors when it comes to your outdoor AC unit, especially if it's a unit that is aging. It's best to be safe and to get the professionals to your property right away so that you aren't stuck wondering if your health or your home is at risk. If the unit is filled with mold and other things and needs immediate replacement, make sure to have the ducts cleaned before installing the new unit.

For more information about AC repair, contact an HVAC contractor in your area.


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