Getting Your Home's AC Ready For The Winter

Posted on: 10 October 2019

Due to the fact that individuals will most often only need their air conditioning system during the summer months, it can be common for them to accidentally neglect these important systems during the winter months. As a result, they will often find that their AC system is suffering from malfunctions or damages when they start to need the system again.

Winterize The Exterior AC Unit

Before the cold winter months arrive, some time should be dedicated to preparing the air conditioning system for a long period of dormancy. This will often involve thoroughly cleaning the unit and checking the condition of its hoses and power connections. Depending on the type of winter weather that your home experiences, covering the unit with a breathable cloth can help to limit the risk of snow and ice getting trapped inside the unit. While this might not seem like a major problem as the ice will melt by the time you need to use the unit, prolonged exposure to moisture can put the internal components of the system at a greater risk of corroding to the point where they suffer performance problems.

Avoid Running The System During The Winter

In addition to being a wasteful use of energy, running the air conditioning system during the winter can also pose some risks to the system. Many individuals may not realize that their air conditioning system has a minimum operating temperature. Running the unit when the outdoor temperature is near or below this temperature can lead to the formation of a thick layer of ice over key components of the system. If the unit is not stopped soon after the ice forms, it can suffer permanent damage that may lead to the cost of expensive replacements and repairs.

Inspect And Service The Unit When Spring Arrives

Once the winter weather has passed, you may need to start using the air conditioning system on a frequent basis fairly soon. Unfortunately, if you do not have the air conditioning system serviced before you start using it regularly, you may inadvertently cause damage to it. This can be due to slight alignment and lubrication issues that can occur with the system over the winter months. Running it without having the unit serviced can give slight problems a chance to rapidly worsen and potentially lead to the failure of the system. A quick professional service will correct these problems so that you can run your unit without having to worry about it suffering these problems.

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