Three Reasons You Should Test Your Heater In The Summer

Posted on: 23 July 2019

Heating and cooling is as necessary as a roof and walls in many locations. If you live in a region that experiences all four seasons, you should test your heating and cooling systems regularly. Repairs are important to take care of when you find a defect, as any sort of leak or system-wide issue may take time to repair. For this reason, you want to catch heating issues before you have to fire up the furnace for the season. Here are a few reasons to test your heating system in the summer. 

You can get your filters changed at the same time

Sometimes the issue with your heating system is as simple as your filter needs to be changed. Some filters become clouded with dirt and debris during the spring. This will make it more difficult for heating to filter through the system. By having the heater tested during the summer, you will be able to get a new filter and be ready for the colder season. Getting filters changed in your heating and cooling system is cheap and easy; therefore, it is worth doing all at once. 

Leaks must be repaired immediately

If you test the heating system during the summer and some rooms are not heating up, you know that you have a problem. One of the issues can be a leak in the heating system. If there is a leak in the system, an HVAC contractor will be needed to repair the leaks and make sure that the structure of the heating system is intact. Once a leak is found, you will need to get it repaired before you use your air conditioner and heating system. Plugging a leak is much easier in the summertime when you can open windows and use a few fans than in the winter when not heating the overall home can be more difficult to bear. 

Your entire furnace may need replacing

If you have an older furnace that has become unsafe or is not operating at full capacity, it may be necessary for you to replace the furnace. If you find out from your heating repair firm that you need your furnace to be replaced during the summer, you will have a few months to save up for the work. Finding out in the summer that your furnace needs repair will give you a few months to put money back before the middle of fall, when the cold weather hits. 


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