3 Money Saving AC Jobs

Posted on: 23 September 2018

Does your air conditioning need a boost? Do you want to increase productivity and airflow so it doesn't cost so much money to cool down your home? Any AC system is bound to need some regular maintenance and repair if you are hoping to keep it running at maximum productivity. Even though there might not be anything technically broken or anything that needs to be replaced, a system that is not well maintained is going to cost more money to run. Here are three vital money-saving HVAC maintenance jobs.

Refrigerant Lines

It is probably a good idea to have your AC refrigerant lines checked, calibrated, and recharged every two years. Just having your refrigerant lines checked is probably only going to cost about $50. If they do need to be refilled or repaired in anyway, there will probably be an extra fee.

Making sure that refrigerant flows freely and efficiently through your heat pump and air conditioner is going to have a big impact on the operating cost of your system. The refrigerant, when properly pressurized, is going to transfer heat without having to use as much electricity.

Air Handler Fan

Another helpful way to keep down your air conditioning cost is to clean the air handler fan. Many people ignore the air handler because they tend to focus on the actual air conditioning unit. But, the air handler is what helps pump the air into the ducts and throughout your home. So, if you are able to increase the productivity of this airflow, you're going to have much better luck when it comes to cooling down every room in your home. This is also a job that you should have done once every two or three years.

AC Capacitor and Contactors

If you have an air condition that is over 10 years old, you might want to have the capacitor and contactor checked. These are what basically controls the flow of electricity into your air conditioner. These technical electrical components are not likely to fail, but they can become less precise and efficient over the years if they are not maintained.

So, if you have your capacitor checked, and the contractor tells you that it needs to be replaced, it is going to be a smart investment. A new contactor and capacitor could cost $200, but it will help ensure that other parts of your AC unit don't fail.

Contact a local company for more information about HVAC repairs.


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