Summer Is Almost Over: Make Sure You Maintain Your HVAC System And Ductwork

Posted on: 21 August 2018

Summer is almost over which means it is time to get ready for fall. Part of getting ready is having things maintained, such as your HVAC system and ductwork. This will ensure your system and ductwork stay in good condition throughout the winter months, so you will not have a cold home. To help you get started, below is some information about how the HVAC contractor will check the HVAC unit and the ductwork. You can then call a contractor in your area to set up an appointment.

Maintain HVAC System 

Your HVAC system is put through a lot of work during the hot summer months. Instead of trying to maintain the system on your own, you should hire an HVAC contractor to maintain the system for you. Hiring a professional will ensure everything is done correctly.

The contractor will start outside first. They will make sure there is no debris around the system. If there is any debris, such as built up grass, sticks, and more, they will clean it up. This is because debris will get into the vent and then onto the fan blades. This will cause problems with the fan when it is running. After this, the contractor will open the HVAC system to look inside. They will look at the parts such as the condenser coil, the fan blades, the wiring, and much more. The contractor can clean the inside of the system if it is dirty and check the refrigerant levels. 

Check Duct Work

Once the HVAC contractor maintains the HVAC system, they will then check the ductwork. It is important that the ductwork stay clean. This is because if there is any kind of dust, mold, mildew, etc. coating the ductwork when the air goes through the ducts all of the dust, etc. will blow into your home. The HVAC contractor will make sure all ductwork is in good shape. For example, the contractor will start out by checking the seams to ensure there are no leaks anywhere. They will then investigate the actual ductwork to ensure there are no rips or holes in it

If the contractor does notice any damage, they may be able to repair the ductwork. If the ductwork is in bad shape or is old, the contractor will suggest that you replace all of it. This will ensure the air in your home is clean. 

The HVAC contractor that you hire can go over this information with you in many more details. Your local duct cleaning services can also give you more maintenance tips to help keep the unit in good condition. 


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