Decoding Three Common Noises Your HVAC Unit May Make

Posted on: 14 November 2017

When your HVAC unit kicks on to heat or cool your home, you may hear the sound of the unit kicking on and air circulating. Most people know what their HVAC unit normally sounds like and tune it out when they are watching television or trying to sleep. But, if something is amiss with your HVAC unit, it may start to make a few different noises that are not normal for your unit. This may catch your attention and cause you to listen. Here are three common noises your HVAC unit may make and what each of these noises may be indicative of:

Rattling Sound

If you hear a rattling noise or sound coming from your HVAC unit when it kicks on, there is something loose in the unit that should not be in there. In some cases, this may be debris from outside, such as a small twig or pebble that managed to get through the grate and get into your unit. In other instances, this may be a screw or bolt that became loose and has now entered your unit. Either way, a professional should be called out to determine what is making the noise and how to best remove it before it causes any damage to the internal parts of your HVAC system. 

Hissing Noise

Another noise that you may hear if your HVAC system needs a repair is a hissing noise. This hissing noise typically means that air is escaping your duct work. Think about the sound that air makes when you are deflating an inflatable beach ball or toy. This is the hissing sound you may hear if this is the problem your HVAC unit has. If you hear this, you will want to call in an HVAC repair company to seal off any holes or leaks in your ductwork. This will help increase the energy efficiency of the unit and prevent it from working harder than it should to heat or cool your home. 

Banging Sound

The last noise you may hear coming from your HVAC unit is a banging noise. This noise may sound like something is hitting the inside of your HVAC unit. When you hear a banging noise, it is typically caused by a loose fan blade or broken belt. The loose or broken item is literally banging or hitting on the side of, or other parts in, your HVAC unit. This problem should always be repaired quickly to prevent damage to the other parts inside of your unit. 

If your HVAC unit is making any noises that are not normal, your unit is probably trying to tell you that HVAC repair is needed. The longer you wait, the more extensive the problem can get, so don't wait to call in a company if you hear any of these noises coming from your unit. 


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