Furnace On The Fritz? 4 Methods To Keep Warm Until It Can Get Repaired

Posted on: 19 December 2016

Winter is the worst time to have your furnace break down. It's the busiest time year for furnace repair technicians, which means you might have to wait for an appointment to open up. If your furnace requires special parts that need to be ordered, you could be waiting even longer for repairs. Unfortunately, that means you and your family are going to be left trying to keep warm. Even if you have a fireplace, or wood burning stove, it might not going to keep your entire home warm. Here are four suggestions that will help you keep warm while you wait to get your furnace repaired.

Do Some Baking

If your furnace isn't working, now's the perfect time to start baking. It's never safe to use an empty oven to heat your home. However, baking will allow you to heat your home while baking tasty treats for your family. Be sure to turn the oven off as soon as you're done baking.

Turn Up the Moisture

If the air inside your home is dry, you're going to feel the cold air even more. To heat your home up a few degrees, turn up the moisture. Bring in a couple of humidifiers to increase the moisture in your home. To add even more heat-inducing moisture, take a hot shower and open the bathroom door when you're done. The hot steam from your shower will help heat up your home.

Seal Off the Unused Rooms

If your furnace isn't working, you're going to have an easier time keeping your home warm if you reduce your living space. If you have children, have them share rooms while the heater isn't working. Seal off all the rooms that you won't be using. This will reduce the number of rooms that you need to keep warm while you wait for repairs.

Cover the Windows

Stand in front of your windows. If you can feel cold air coming from around the window frames, you should cover the windows until your furnace can be repaired. To insulate your home, cover your windows with old blankets. You can also use plastic landscape sheeting. Once your windows are covered, cold air won't be able to seep into your home from around the frames.

If your furnace decided to break down during the coldest part of the season, use the tips provided here to help keep your home warm until the technician can take care of the repairs. Visit websites like http://www.getzschman.com to learn more about your options.


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