How To Curb Air Conditioning Usage Battles With Your Kids

Posted on: 6 July 2016

If your kids will be home most days during the summer, there might be disagreements on what temperature that thermostat should live at. While you can't control everything your kids do while they are home alone during the summer, one thing you might be able to control is AC usage. Here are three ways to curb your kids' AC unit overuse during the day.

1. Give Kids Other Cooler Options

If your kids are cooped up and sweltering all day long, no wonder they might want to instantly cool the house down to temperatures lower than what you think is needed. Invest in fans for your home and darker blinds that can cut the sunlight and heat from getting into your home. If you can get your kids an above-ground pool or turn the hot tub to cold in the summer, your kids will have other options to cool down during heat waves.

2. AC Control from Your Smartphone

These days you don't need to worry from work what your kids are up to when it comes to your cooling system. With new thermostats on the market that can be adjusted from your smartphone, you will see right away if your kids are cranking up the AC too much during the day. Your can let them know your expectations for AC levels, but if you have ultimate control and there won't be any guesswork. Newer thermostats can also be set on timers which will give your home time to cool down and limit the overuse of your system, which can lead to needed repairs down the line.

3. Split the Difference When it Comes to Energy Savings

AC overuse can have a direct impact on your energy bill. This summer, sit your kids down with energy bills that might have been through the roof last summer, and get them involved in the savings. If you can offer up incentives to your kids to keep energy use to a minimum during the summer, they might be more inclined to play along. Giving your kids the cash from energy savings  at the end of the month can get them going on keeping the AC use to a minimum during the day.

The last thing you want is for your kids to overwork your AC unit so much that expensive repairs are in order. While yearly servicing is always a good idea, try to keep emergency servicing something you rarely need. Get your kids on board with using your AC in a balanced way and not overusing your system. HVAC contractors can offer advice and help for improving your home's internal climate.   


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