Tips To Reduce The Cooling Load On Your AC

Posted on: 30 June 2016

During the summer months, the load on your AC will likely increase as it tries to get rid of the extra heat and keep your home cool. This can sometimes lead to breakdowns and even cause a spike in your energy bills. To help prevent these issues, read on to learn simple ways to reduce the cooling load on your AC this summer.

Clean the filters and outdoor coil

Obstructions in your AC caused by clogged filters can greatly increase power consumption on your cooling equipment and even result in malfunctions on the condenser. Be sure to replace your indoor air filters with sliding filters that can be easily removed for cleaning.

You should also keep leaves, twigs, mud and dirt off your outdoor condenser as such debris can obstruct the inflow of air into the AC, leading to inefficient cooling.

Prevent outdoor air

The infiltration of warm, moist outdoor air into your conditioned spaces can greatly increase the cooling load on your AC. Be sure to have an HVAC contractor replace damaged insulation in your attic, it can let in a lot of heated air from the roof and make your home warmer. The insulation of AC air ducts should also be inspected and repaired so as to prevent the loss of chilled air as it circulates the home.

Another simple way to keep out warm air from your home is to weather strip all your doors and windows and to replace shuttered window panels.

Use a fan

Complementing your AC with a ceiling fan can help circulate chilled air in your indoor spaces more effectively, thus making your home to feel cooler. The better circulation of cool air in your home can also allow you to set your thermostat at a higher setting and reduce power consumption.

If your AC is located at one end of the room, you can use a table fan to help push cool air throughout the room more efficiently, reducing the load on the air conditioning considerably. 

Invest in shade screens 

Unwanted solar heat gain can rob you of the benefits of a properly insulated attic and well-sealed ductwork. Placing shade screens on your window panels can help block out the sun's heat during summer, ensuring your home remains significantly cooler during the day and thus reducing the load on your AC system. 

The above tips can help make your home energy efficient this summer and allow your AC to work less harder to keep indoor temperatures ideal. For more information, contact a company like Hyatt Heating & Air.


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