3 Remarkably Easy Fixes For Furnace Issues

Posted on: 23 June 2016

When you notice that your home seems cool and is getting cooler despite the fact that the furnace is on, it can seem daunting. In addition, furnace repair technicians can be an expensive service call, so it can be even more intimidating. Fortunately, by being aware of the following fixes that you can try at home, you may be able to safely return your home to a comfortable temperature sooner than you think.

#1-Check And Replace The Battery On The Unit

You may be surprised to learn that the thermostat on your furnace is often controlled by the battery. For instance, if you had a power outage of any kind or the battery is starting to die, the thermostat is likely to go back to whatever the settings were for it when it was first installed. As a result, a cheap fix can be to replace the battery and see if you can restore the furnace's ability to heat.

t may be helpful to have access to a small screwdriver or something of a similar size to remove the batteries if it has been a while since they have been changed.

#2-Remove The Debris From The Furnace And Check The Condition Of The Wires

When you know that the battery is not the problem, it is time to check the cords and where they connect. Specifically, you want to trace the wires from one end to another. If you see dust or other debris, turn off the unit entirely and use one or more quick sprays of compressed air to dislodge the clutter. When you can clearly see the cords, check to see if there are any cracks, breaks or other issues that could be expected to disrupt the electrical current. You will also want to verify that there is an unhampered connection at both ends.

If you see a damaged area, you can use a thin layer of electrical tape to close it off. If that doesn't solve the problem, at least you know what the likely culprit is. When you call the technician, he may not need to spend as much time on the problem.

#3-Check The Polite Light

Many older, gas furnaces are not self-lighting. As a result, after severe weather, work on the home, power outages or for no obvious reason at all, the flame that lights the furnace must occasionally be re-lit. There is typically a map of the unit located closely to the box itself. After turning the pilot light entirely off for no less than three minutes, turn it back on and quickly apply a long, lit match to the pilot opening. Wait to see that it ignites and stays lit. When it does, the problem is addressed.

If not, check to see if the area seems dusty. You can remove dust with a q-tip or wrapped wire after turning off the pilot light again. If it still does not stay lit after attempting to light the cleaned area again, it is time to speak with a technician.

For more information, contact Custom Comfort or a similar company.


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